Railcar Repair

AAR Certified

CEMR Railcar Repair

We deliver results with our 11,000 sq. ft. facility that includes six all-season repair spots, 30 RIP spots and a 200-car yard capacity in a fenced compound. CEMR’s railcar repair shop has the capability to get and keep your railcars in service.



  • Repair railway equipment including box, coal, gondola, hopper and flatcars
  • Medium service general repairs
  • Single car, mini and major programs

  • Fabrication projects and retrofit programs
  • Wrecks
  • Air brake testing and cleaning, wheel replacement
  • Railroad damage repairs

  • Mobile repairs
  • Electronic estimating and administration using Express Yard

Quality Control:

  • AAR Certified for freight car inspection, repair and air brake testing
  • M-1003
  • Rule 88B Heavy and Freight Car Repairs

  • AAR Office Manual (Pricing and Billing Procedures)
  • AAR Welding Standards AWS D15.1
  • Ticketed welders

  • CEMR Quality Assurance Procedure Manuals
  • CEMR Safety Management Systems

Value Added Services:

  • Freight car cleaning for hoppers, gondolas and boxcars
  • Fleet management support

  • Railway equipment brokerage