safety-cemrCEMR believes the personal safety, health and well-being of every employee, contractor, customer and community is one of our most important responsibilities.

Our core safety systems and processes are designed to empower managers to make decisions on a daily basis to ensure work environments can manage hazards and employees have the necessary tools and resources to succeed.

CEMR’s safety culture is built on a solid foundation of employee involvement. Every employee knows they have a voice in how to enhance practices and standards. Training and education become a daily initiative with Cando employees as each day begins and ends with a focus on safety. Employees will have up-to-date industry training in all aspects of their work.

CEMR considers all injuries preventable and sees accident prevention as a shared responsibility. Daily job briefings, site hazard analysis, keen observation, regular audits and strong communication are all tools CEMR uses to ensure everyone embraces their role in safety management.

For more information on rail safety visit the Railway Association of Canada’s website at

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